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Famous Food in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The Andaman & Nicobar being a fusion of all Indian cultures is home to a wide variety of cuisine including South Indian, Bengali, and Andhra varieties.
Andaman cuisine is heavily influenced by all the cultures that came into contact with the region. Like many other aspects of Andaman culture, the influence of the Hindu, Christian, Muslim and also Sikh religion in the traditional food is extremely strong. You must experience the deep impact on the truly tasty and spicy Food of Andaman.
Food in Andaman & Nicobar Islands has roots in the history, geography and also culture of the land.
As for the impact of the tribal community in the local Andaman cuisine, not much has been discovered about how they cook their food. Unlike modern civilized societies, tribal people kill wild animals for their food. This food includes all kinds of meat including turtles, wild boar, fishes of the Islands.
Also, the fruits right here are prominent as well as refreshing. You can find Mangoes, Bananas, Pineapples, Guava and a lot more. One can likewise drink the absolutely revitalizing and also exotic coconut water right here.
The food there is controlled by seafood preparations and seafood lovers don’t want to miss the fish delicacies other than seafood too. We can blindly say that Andaman is the king of seafood and has a wide variety too. If you will visit Andaman Nicobar Island then you can get to know it has plenty of seafood resources like Fish, Crab, Prawns, Lobsters, etc.
Here we will look at some of the popular local dishes in Andaman. These dishes are very delicious and they are in great demand in Andaman.

1. Fish Curry
Fish Curry is an amazing dish from Andaman. As we all know, this place being really near to the sea, one can get a lot of options for fish from right there. So, the Seafood lovers need to definitely be attempting this recipe when in Andaman.

2. Amritsari Kulcha
The Amritsari Kulcha is a scrumptious meal from Andaman. It is stuffed with lots of delicious stuffing like onion, potato, coriander leaves, seasonings, and so on making it very tasty as well as a scrumptious meal. Nevertheless, many people just love this dish.

3. Chilli Curry
Chilli Curry is another delicious dish that is really classic food in the Andaman Islands. This meal is a really hot and happening meal, full of onion, tomatoes and also stuffed with rich flavors in it. Many foreign tourists have actually appreciated this delicious food from Andaman.

4. Macher Jhol
Macher Jhol is a mouthwatering meal form Andaman, which is loved by many. This dish is basically very usual in Bengal as it originated from there. This meal contains different ingredients like fish, chilies, coriander seeds, turmeric powder as well as some other active ingredients too.

5. Coconut Prawn Curry
Are you prepared for an excellent dish prepared with local spices of Andaman? If your answer is yes, then a creamy coconut milk curry will undoubtedly add a zing to your whole eating experience. This is another delicious dish that is ha highly flavoured curry with an authentic taste. It tastes amazing when it is served with rice.

6. Tandoori fish
The Tandoori fish will be a great dish for the fish lovers. There are plenty of restaurants that are working across the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. For any traveller, who loves to have fish can get Tandoori fish very easily in most of the restaurant. You must try this dish whenever you visit this amazing place, it’s for sure that you will just love this seafood.

7. Grilled Lobsters
Grilled Lobster, it is another delicious seafood variant in Andaman. Butter, parsley, chili flakes, cloves are the main ingredients of Grilled Lobster. The taste of this grilled lobster can’t match with any other seafood of Andaman. If any traveler wants to holiday in Andaman and adore the beauty of Andaman then don’t leave this island without eating Grilled lobster. For sure, it’s gonna be a good experience for you all.

8. Barbeques
The barbeque food is always mouth-watering food for all non-vegan. The trekkers or backpackers enjoy barbeque food from the top of the island, in the middle of the forests or even in the center of the sea. The tourists who have visited the Andaman Islands can realize the real taste of barbeque food from the Andaman Nicobar Island. There are various marine fishes that are used to make barbeque at Andaman Island like Sardines, Mackerels, crab, King Prawn, etc.

There are some of the best restaurants for the travelers who love food:
1. Full moon cafe
This famous cafe is located on Havelock Island. It followed Indian, American, and Asian cuisines. This place is best for non-vegan people.

2. Annapurna Restaurant
This famous restaurant is located in Aberdeen Bazar, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This place isn’t really expensive and famous for vegan people.

3. The Bayview at Sinclairs Bayview Port Blair
This famous resort is located in Havelock Island. This is the best place to dine, from local to continental, it serves all kind of cuisines like Indian, Continental and more.

4. New Lighthouse Restaurant
This place is situated nearby Marina Park in Port Blair. This restaurant is a famous eatery both amongst locals and tourists. From serving lip-smacking grilled fish & lobsters to offering an open-air, comfortable environment, this place surely knows how to pamper its guests.

5. Amaya Lounge Bar
Of all the restaurants in Andaman, Amaya is the most romantic place to visit, especially with your loved ones. It is situated in Marine hill, Port Blair. The rooftop ambiance overlooking the iconic north bay and the scrumptious seafood in the platter makes it a top-notch spot for having the best dinner of your life!

6. Bonova Cafe And Pub
It is situated near the Govind Nagar Beach, this is also one of the best restaurants in Havelock, Andaman. The modern yet classic ambiance of the cafe, friendly hospitality, and hands down the endless array of toothsome cuisines make this place worth every time. It follows Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines.

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