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Reasons why Andaman is not only the city of beach but more than that

How you wish to set course on one of those memorable rides across the Bay of Bengal from the Indian mainland to Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Escape to the gentle ocean breeze brings an unquestionable end to your every day’s sorrow. While sun-kissed beaches with soft sands and sparkling waters seem like a perfect retreat, there is still a far more. The voyage on a ship to Andaman is a once-in-a-lifetime experience wherein you take to the blue waters of Bay of Bengal, watch the sea life from close quarters and enjoy the splendid sunrise and sunset views unalloyed, uninterrupted. The Andaman archipelago in the Indian Ocean offers a tropical oasis with exotic mangrove forests and incredible biodiversity, and the cluster of islands here not only offers some of the most scenic beaches, but a plethora of marine activities to de-stress you to the fullest.
Check out these amazing things to do during your holiday in the Andaman Islands:

Stand-up Paddling

The pristine Radhanagar Beach is also a great spot for numerous exciting water sports. If surfing seems too tough and you still want to glide through the water, paddleboarding is surprisingly a fun alternative. Similar to kayaking and surfing, paddleboarding is mostly done while standing and it doesn’t require a wave to push you ahead. The calm and shallow water of the ocean is idyllic for this activity.
While stand-up paddling may seem easy, you need to keep in mind not to push the paddle too much. Grip the paddle firmly and pull it towards your body. You wouldn’t realize how quick you will move from one part of the ocean to the next. Moreover, there would be instructors who would guide you through the complete activity.


No trip to Andamans is complete without a visit to Elephant Beach. About 2 km away from the famed Radhanagar Beach, you can trek through the dense jungle to reach this beach or head to the Havelock Island Jetty and take a boat. This dynamic beach is widely popular for snorkeling and other aquatic adventures. Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling is more relaxed, and you won’t have to carry a lot of gear. Just off the picturesque white sand, the gleaming turquoise water with colorful marine life and stunning coral reefs would simply overwhelm you. Put on the snorkeling mask, get in the water and feast your eyes upon the schools of Hogfish and Leafy Sea Dragon. The best time to visit the Elephant Beach would be during the summer, as the monsoon makes it inaccessible.

Banana Boat Ride

Riding a Banana Boat is another amazing fun-filled and exciting thing to do in Andaman. At a time 5 or 6 people can ride the banana-shaped boats that are tied behind a speedboat to gain rush. This is not exposed to danger or risk, Banana boat is a perfectly safe activity as long as you have your life jackets on and follow the instructions given.

Havelock Island – Swim With Elephants

Andaman offers you a chance to swim with an elephant – “the star elephant”. The 60+ elephants are there to swim with people and all are very friendly. Swim with Elephants is another amazing thrilling and exciting things to do in Andaman. Make sure you allow yourself to enjoy this exciting unique and amazing experience before leaving Andaman!

Mt Harriet – Trek To Madhuban

Everybody who is thinking to spend their holiday with Andaman must have all thought that the islands with such gorgeous beaches must be ideal for relaxing. Some of you must have been knowing about the water activities in Andaman. Well, all of you are right. But only partially, for there is more to do here. In fact, trekking from Mt Harriet – the third highest peak in the archipelago – to Madhuban via Kala Patthar is one of the best things to do in Andaman. The trekking trail is a rugged stretch of forests that are home to a vast variety of flora & fauna.

Semi Submarine Ride

Dreaming of going on a submarine ride in the depths of Andaman Island. Make sure you indulge in this extremely interesting experience during your visit and witness the underwater marine life up close while sitting in the comforts of a semi-submarine that will take you on a joy-ride above the multi-colored corals and amid a plethora of unique fish. This ride will not take more than 2 hrs.

Mayabunder – Mangrove Kayaking

Your holiday in Andaman would be not finished if you miss out on kayaking at Mayabunder as this thrilling and exciting trip makes you glance the lush green mangrove of the Andaman. Mangrove Kayaking is the best way to witness stunning beauty in Andaman. The complete kayaking tour will not be taking more than 2.5 hours, making the best escapade amidst lushes.

Sea Food

No matter where you are in the Andaman Islands – be it Havelock Island, Neil Island or Port Blair, you can’t really miss out on the delicious seafood. With an array of restaurants serving dishes prepared with freshly caught prawns, crabs, fish, and lobsters, you will be satiated to the brim. The traditional Andaman Fish Curry would tease your taste buds like never before! When you are in Port Blair, do enjoy this delectable dish at New Lighthouse Restaurant.

Cafes to Chill in

While the fantastic water adventures in Havelock Island will make your mornings eventful, you can keep the afternoons and evenings to soak in its serene, laidback ambiance. Do head to Anju Coco Resto for a fulfilling lunch. Drop off your shoes at the entrance, be welcomed into its cozy ambiance, and try out the barbecued fish along with some exotic concoctions. Later in the evening, head to an eat-out with a twist – A Beachside Café, about 2 km away from Anju Coco Resto. If you are visiting the Andaman Islands with your significant other, both of you should just reserve a table for a romantic candlelit dinner at this café. This perfect beachside setting with delicious food and some red wine would make for a memorable evening for both of you.

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