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Ross Island





Ross Island

Ross island is one of the group of island in Andaman Islands and it just 3 km or 10min speed boat ride from Rajiv Gandhi water Sport complex, Port Blair. This island was erstwhile capital of Andaman Island from 1858 until 1941. The island is named after the Marine Surveyor Captain Daniel Ross. Ross Island saw 24 chief commissioners. Sir Donald Martin Stewart was made the First Commissioner from July 1872 to June 1875 but it was during the tenure of Sir Charles Francis Waterfall that the islands power collapsed when he was captured by Japanese in 1942. He was held as prisoner of war and his deputy was beheaded by the Japanese at the Clock tower in Aberdeen Bazaar, Port Blair.


Port Blair is name after two British officers Naval Surveyor Archibald Blair and Admiral William Cornwallis. On results of Archibald Blair’s surveys, then Governor General decided to colonize these islands. The revolt of 1857 forced the British Government to make Andaman a penal settlement center. Archibald Blair established a hospital at Ross Island due to high mortality rate in the settlement.

Ross Island in its time was one of the most beautiful places second to none. The church at Ross Island was a protestant Church built of stone and windows were made out of Burma teak. The beautiful glass panel of the altar was brought from Italy. The quality of wood was good it can still be seen after 100 years. Ross Island had a country one the best bakery which offered confectioneries from around the world of those times. Apart from this water treatment plant, Tennis Court, printing press, swimming pool, hospital, cemetery. A state of the art Grand ballroom and Chief Commissioner’s residence with Garden was one of gem of the island during British regime.

June 26, 1941 a massive earthquake of magnitude 8.1 struck Andaman Island. As many as 8000 people lost their lives. These caused many people to leave the island and Japanese occupied the abandoned Ross Island during World War II.

How to Reach ?

There is only one way to reach Ross Island that is through speedboats. It takes 10-15mins to reach Ross Island from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sport Complex, Port Blair. The Ticket cost is INR 580.00 per person and this package ticket takes you to Ross Island and North Bay. The timing is from morning 8:45am to 4:30 pm. Guides can be hired at INR 200.00 on the island. Charter boat to these islands is also available for your privacy and comfort.

Ross Island Light and Sound Show:

In April 1979, Ross Island was handed over to Indian Navy. A small post INR Jarawa, named after one of tribes of Andaman. The light and show under the guidance of Indian Navy is show every day from 5:30 to 6:30pm on this island. The show is voice over with Legendary Gulzar and Singer Chitra. It is one of best light and show experience showing the documentary of India’s independence and completely different from one in Cellular Jail. Tickets costs INR 280.00 per person and children below

North Bay Island:

Like the name suggest, North Bay is an uninhabited island north of Port Blair located at a distance of 26 km from Rajiv Gandhi water sport Complex. It takes 25-30 min from Ross Island to reach North Bay by speedboat and 20-25 min from Port Blair. North Bay is famous for its extensive aqua thrill activities thereby making it one of most visited place of Port Blair. Depending on weather condition the ferry may sail from either Rajiv Gandhi water sport complex or Junglighat Jetty.

North Bay Island comes in with a package. The ferry starts from Rajiv Gandhi water Sport at around 9:00 am heading first to Ross Island in 10-15min. Travellers get 11/2hrs to 2hrs in Ross Island to look around the place. The same then heads to North Bay where travellers gets 2-3hrs to indulge in all kind of aqua thrill activities before returning to Port Blair at around 2:30pm. One can also return to Port Blair before the prior mentioned time if not interested in any activities. It is advice to carry a carry food package from our hotel. As it is a day trip Juice, fruits, Sandwich and Water to keep you hydrated in day after you aqua thrill activities. However there are shacks offering everything from breakfast to lunch.

Why Visit North Bay?

The activity in North Bay Island is designed for all age groups. The island provides activities for all family members, children and elderly. The Coral reef of North Bay is spread over large area providing exciting snorkeling and scuba opportunity to spot various kinds of fishes. North Bay Island is marked with a landmark structure, the famous Light House. This is same light house which is seen in INR 20.00 note. However the trekking to this light house is closed for outside travellers. There is a list of list of activities one can do here.

  1. Scuba Diving (Shore Dive and Boat Dive)
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Glass bottom Ride
  4. Andaman Dolphin
  5. Coral Submarine
  6. Jet ski
  7. Sofa Ride
  8. Banana Ride
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