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Your Andaman Travel Safety Checklist

When we plan a perfect vacation, the primary thing we do is to research the foremost popular tourist destinations and plan out the way we’ll spend our time there, and that’s how it should be. If you’ve got an expert local travel operator for your Andaman travel but once the frills are done, it’s time to realize the maximum amount practical knowledge about the situation too.
We almost never wish to consider the worst-case scenario and it’s presumably that you’ll never need the knowledge below. Let’s consider it as a “Just in Case” that you simply got to keep handy.


Have a look at the Andaman travel safety checklist:

  1. Always check the newest weather report from trusted sources:The weather is something that nobody has control over. Sometimes, nature provides ample warning. At other times, things can change during a jiffy, the simplest thing to try to do is to see the weather a few days before you allow for any warning signs. Indications that it’s going to get cloudy and rain a touch can impact your plans quite a bit. If you are travelling during the monsoon, keep a check for local restrictions and timings on entering the local areas and first Check the Andaman weather.
  2. Check if you’ve got an area contact:We all tend to understand somebody who knows somebody. It’s time you are doing a touch digging into your contact network to ascertain if you recognize that somebody who is either an area or has been to the place and may offer you a first-hand review. As such, there are plenty of travelogues and reviews available online, which may come handy if you’ve got the time to try to online research
  3. Secure your luggage from minor thefts to losing entire baggage:It becomes quite a pain once you need to face this example during a new city. Lock and tag your suitcases in the least times. Hold your purse during a way that the zip is on your front and your hand is usually holding the zip area once you are in between a crowd. It’s best to not carry any valuable jewellery during Andaman trip.
  4. Have emergency contact numbers both written and on your phone:Everyone in your group should have a replica of their own and native emergency contact numbers listed out on their phone and physically written during a piece of paper which is on them where ever they are going. this might seem a touch extreme but are often hugely helpful, especially for youngsters. Most folks are going to be handicapped without our phone as we might not have memorized even our next kin’s number. Confirm you are doing this before your next trip.
    Here’s the one list you would like to print out before your Andaman Travel
    • Crime and Traffic Helpline: 100
    • Fire Control: 101
    • Ambulance: 102
    • Women helpline: 1091,1144 or 18003451144
    • Child helpline: 1098
    Main offices
    • Police head office: 0392 233333, 230372, 232100
    • Inspector of General of Police: 03192 230216/ 230346 (R)
    • Disaster internal control Room: 03192 238881
    G. B Pant Hospital
    • Ambulance: 232102
    • Blood Bank: 230628/ 234821
    • Nursing Home GBP Hospital: 2322237
    • Emergency Duty Room OPD: 233473
    Other helpful numbers
    • Telephone complaint: 230005, 198, 234000
    • Bus Terminus: 03192 232278
    • Railway Reservation Counter: 03192 233042
    • Tourism Information:
    • Mainland Shipping Information: 03192 245555
    • Head of Post Office: 03192 232226
    • Airport: 03192 233390
    • Tourism Police Office: 03192 231346
  5. Don’t get distracted:‘Acting’ sort of a tourist and attracting uncalled for attention isn’t an honest thing to try to. Blend in and accompany the flow. Don’t forget to remain alert around your phone and wallets. Keep the attention of the local area names around your familiar place in order that you’ll invite it if you are lost.
  6. Don’t take valuables to the beach:Tons of your Andaman travel will involve the beach. The beaches here are quite amazing and almost everyone likes to get their feet wet. On your designated days for snorkelling, scuba and sea walks, it’s best to hold little or no emergency cash and leave everything else locked in your room. If you’re traveling only together with your spouse and both of you propose to require the dip together, you’ll or might not find a secure place to stay your things.
  7. Choose an expert local tour operator to be your guide: The one thing that the majority people underestimate is that the value of an area expert. it’s not about having someone stage-manage your trip. The advantage of getting an area expert plan thing for you is that you simply have an ‘insider’ and go-to person during a new city if ever an emergency crops up. Having that’s an enormous plus any day.
    To know more about the simplest time to go to Andaman and the other local information, contact us today.


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